The GOD Particle, War and the Theory of Everything

by dinaheverettsnyder

Here, I have mentioned this before and in order to understand what is at stake and just WHY the US, Israel and its SuperPac of Alliances, public and secret, are bent on domination at all costs, you MUST understand these fundamentals, and their implication, past, present and future.

These principles impact Science, Medicine and all forms of Energy Resources. Therefore, by definition Trillions and Trillions of dollars are at stake, annually.

For those who really understand all this you will notice huge omissions, however I want to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible.

Einstein’s Theory- Einheitliche Feldtheorie.

It is NOT the mystical and elusive concept that Academics have made it appear, it just really isn’t !!

So, think about topography. The way in which the undulations of the landscape is rendered to depict terrain, height, depth….  When you take the unified field theory and express it in the language of a differential topology layout-  hmm, well, it’s similar to the classical equations of relativity- however it encompasses particle physics- you see, Einstein found that all particles are geons- each particle is a different kind of twist in spacetime and the forces are therefore the ripples in the fabric ( of time, space and dimension).

One of the solutions to the field equation is the description of a fundamental particle with a negative charge.  The geon with a miniscule “ wormhole” with closed timelike curves. The solution to the formula goes so far as to specify the mass of the particle which is significant because weight=what is inside relative to gravity….and we are faced with mass….what is mass? 

One of the theories of everything (TOE) is the understanding that it would predict the mass of all of the fundamental particles. With this understanding it is possible to find the solutions for particles with different charges and spins. Herein lies the understanding of quarks, the tau lepton and so forth….this encompasses the so called search for the so called HIGGS boson. ( recently announced “ found” at the Hadron facility in Geneva)

The ULTIMATE triumph of physics: a classical theory that incorporates quantum mechanics, a single set of equations that would/could/would describe everything from the inner workings of a proton to the structure of the galaxy.

THIS IS THE STRING THEORY made multidimensional-  instead of strings of energy this is loops of spacetime that create the fabric-  of everything.

The HOLOGRAPHIC Principle: S<_A/4  ( move the _ under the< for correct expression of the formula): The “S” stands for the maximum amount of information that can be forced or jammed into a region of space, and “A” stands for the surface area of that region. Basically the principle says that ALL of the information in a 3 dimensional space – the position of every particle – the strength of every force- can be contained in the 2 dimensional surface of the space.  Essentially then this means that you could, and can, think of the universe as a hologram, much like the one on a credit card.    

In THIS then, String Theory offers a way to simplify the physics.

Einstein CLEARLY saw this: his unified theory is built around it- he used the Holographic Principle to map out the whole history of the universe

In String Theory, equipped with 2,   differential topology layers, imagine two of these layers hovering one above the other, rippling and bending in spacetime. As they touched, ever so briefly and then pulled apart from each other, they would be pockmarked with newly born galaxies.  In String Theory, each of those differential topology layers is called a brane.   They may appear to be two dimensional but represent a three dimensional universe. Every galaxy, star and planet in our universe is contained in one of those branes. Nearly ALL the subatomic particles stick to it ( the brane) and, the other brane is a completely separate universe. These are all moving through a larger space called the bulk, which has TEN dimensions in it.

Despite what conventional science has claimed, WE DO KNOW that there are TEN dimensions plus time equaling 11 dimensions in total.

The reason why the branes “ collide” with each other is because one of the very few things that can leave the brane  and travel through the bulk is gravity.  One brane may gravitationally attract another brane and, when they collide they get twisted and generate ENORMOUS amounts of energy.

The BIG BANG clearly would occur when two empty branes collided and the sheer energy from the crash  filled the universe,  turning that energy into atoms, stars and galaxies, hurtling them outward in a gigantic wave.    This is what you     “ know” of as the Universal Expansion Theory and the rate thereof……of course we also know that there is a point of contraction, but that is not relevant here. 

The other thing that can travel outside of the brane and into the extra dimensions of the bulk: the neutrino.

The neutrino is sort of like the electrons baby brother. A particle with no charge and very little mass. Then there’s the STERILE neutrino. It is called “ sterile” because it usually doesn’t interact with any other particles in our universe. These sterile neutrinos whiz through the extra dimensions and pass right through the brane as though the brane wasn’t there.  The Unified Theory has an equation for this: the equation predicts that twisting the spacetime of our brane can generate bursts of the particles… essence if the brane is twisted enough, the sterile neutrino can shoot out of one part of our universe, travel to another part of the brane by taking a “ shortcut” through the bulk. ( think Star Treks “ beam me up Scotty“ teleportation science).   

(Now, a “ wormhole” is a bridge that connects distant regions of spacetime). In this instance, unlike neutrinos shooting out of one location and reappearing in another, wormholes are fixed in space and time , relevant to gravitational force times spacetime.

As sterile neutrinos travel through the extra dimensions they pick up energy, a lot of energy. Quantified Energy to the power of virtual infinitum.  The “ returning “ particles can trigger a violent warping of the “ local” spacetime……this could be used as an energy particle or proton beam.  Essentially this could be used as a most violent and destructive weapon from which there is simply no escape. It would avoid all detection because it would be traveling in the extra dimensions, outside of the brane, in the bulk.

Please keep reading because the next part is crucial and is the CRUX of this biscuit as it were.

Believe it or not, this kind of technology is much easier to create than say a nuclear missile. What one would need is the equations, a LOT of scientists and engineers ( particularly if they were trained to traditional methods, chuckle, ) a serious amount of money and some space ( no pun intended), physical space, not cosmic space.

THIS TYPE OF WEAPON COULD BE BUILT USING A PARTICLE ACCELERATOR….one would create the tiny piece of spacetime in a tiny, perfectly spherical pattern….basically set it up by smashing protons together in a collider.

The scientists who worked on Tevatron, the collider at Fermilab in the US were able to cram trillions of protons into a particle beam thinner than a strand of hair. Of course one would have to adjust the collider to warp the spacetime and generate the sterile neutrinos…..and Tevatron, closed Sept 29, 2011, was a circular particle accelerator for all that it was an atom smasher, the second most powerful atom smasher-the second most powerful proton, anti proton accelerator and COULD create sterile neutrinos- particle beam…….WMD……weapon of mass destruction.

Einstein’s Metric Torsion Tensor allows for a spin field to twist spacetime and create  a proton-beam just like the one I mention above. Having a working grasp of Teslas Earth Energy/ Electrical current system  paves the way for grasping the truly limitless potential at work here.



A quick recap before racing forward: String Theory attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is a one dimensional contender towards a Theory of Everything (TOE) which, in a nutshell is just a self contained model that describes all fundamental forces and forms of matter.  

This led to Bosonic String…..and then to the next theory ….Superstring….which acknowledged the possibility of fermions.

You see, String Theories require the existence of several extra dimensions and our current  mainstream mass produced          “ pinprick specialist scientific community” only  “ sees”  four ( the three dimensions and time=4) which is a scientifically redundant postulation or premise because even ( speaking of physics) postulating a transfer intermediary- of at least one, perhaps more- “ other” particles such as the Higgs boson, or a group of particles has taken publicly admitted quantum mechanics far beyond the realm of what has been made public across the principles of Science and Spacial Astrophysics. Enter the next public entertainment Science abstract:    Super String Theory….

The Dual resonance model from 1969.…” google” if you would “ wiki/string theory” and then “ wiki/spacetime” for more on this. The escalation of theory revealing a new fundamental physical symmetry  called Super String Theory is still currently far behind what science has achieved.  Meaning, if they really wanted to stay true to their postulations of where they currently were “ at” scientifically speaking of course, then much of what has been achieved just simply would NOT be possible.

The: 11 Dimensional Theory is called “M”- this theory is believed to encompass all of the previously so called “ distinct” superstring theories…. And yet, despite the advent of the M Theory ( still FAR behind current model achievement standards) the vast sums of public money earmarked for these prior and significantly redundant hypotheses allow one to see and understand the deep desire of a select few to control access to not only  the understanding of, but the scope of, what has been going on, and limit not only the knowledge but the real time applications of this knowledge. Less than 5% of the TRUE SCIENCE has had any useable applications forwarded to serve mankind for good, be it health, clean energy or access to the far corners of the earth.  There has ONLY been any form of real time benefit of this model of Science for the needs of WAR.


The CURRENT Scientific model on display is all a case of “ Arrested Scientific development”

Here:   what gives rise to mass?

Weight =what is INSIDE relative to gravity.

What is mass?

This was the supposed quest of the “ Higgs boson”- Higgs, they believed is a particle or set of particles that might give others their mass. You see, mass is not inherently a characteristic of matter. Photons have no mass-while the mass of “ W” and “Z” are enormous-  so how do W and Z interact with electrons, quarks, neutrinos and so on? 

Electromagnetism describes the relative relationship of interaction ( the governing of the relationship0 between particles and their “ mechanism of action” interaction with photons.. “ Strong Force”- which binds the elements of atomic nuclei together- “weak force”- which governs radioactivity and hydrogen fusion ( that which generates the suns energy).

So again, the quest for the higgs boson was to find a particle that gave mass to other “ things”.  A “ transporter intermediary”. The Higgs boson,  the supposed “ god particle” that gives “ matter” it’s “ mass” and holds the physical fabric of the universe together……supposedly proving the Higg Field.

Well, Science, eerily enough already KNEW this. THIS was a massive experiment in REVERSE ENGINEERING to keep the Science Community engaged, it also kept a massive influx of cash flowing quite legitimately, (a nice detour from the norm) while the REAL SCIENCE continued in the background….( more on that in a bit).


Here is a quote from a lead scientist on the Hadron Collider project, “ Higgs Field Dynamic could be like the electromagnetic field > where we are actually able to manipulate it to have control over magnetic and electromagnetic interactions<“  this is laughable! Why? Because this is discordant science, attempting to marry two unrelated postulations by introducing something that is a known against a quantified expansion contraction knowledge base.

NOW, THIS here, this gem of a statement above >have control over magnetic and electromagnetic interactions<…THIS is the TRUE dynamic of matter-anti matter-dark matter… equation solution that REAL SCIENCE knows….not that other Science psycho babble joyfully reported around the globe “ Hadron Collider finds >GOD Particle<   in 2011 at that….          ( follow the links attached to see just how far away String Theory is from anything of actual relevance)and having the Hadron Scienctists announce it as 5 Sigma result- 99.999% certainty of having found a new particle….godlike or otherwise….breathtakingly arrogant ( what did the word GOD have to do with this beyond spark another round of eternal debate on the divergent or colliding paths of science and religion!)   AND frighteningly DECEPTIVE, to say the least.

Note that CERN controls this flow of information. CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear research.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

Please research who exactly funded the Hadron Collider… will see some familiar names and a couple that might shock you.

Nuclear Science is utterly primitive and discordant – utter chaos in an orderly landscape of Relative Theory Science.

The science that has been hidden from public scrutiny goes FAR beyond Nuclear Science.

The science of Matter, Anti Matter and Dark Matter takes the Theory of Everything, relatively speaking ( no pun intended) and DEFINES it… is THAT graceful, eloquent and uniquely simple.

Our Larger Scientific Community ( who I call Pinprick Specialists along with their brethren, the medical community, by and large) have been trained into a box by their schooling starting in kindergarden all the way through post graduate study.  They have been trained within a parallel  universe where things seem….and nothing is as it appears. 

When these scientists step out of their cubicle, their conditioned, sanctioned boxes of “ allowed scope of thought and applied dynamic”-  they are murdered.   They become inconvenient witnesses to what lies beyond the curtain and must be silenced.

There is no doubt that many have seen a shimmer through the curtains and have elected to stay silent. To ignore this relentless obfuscation of the details by manipulating the data and creating headlines out of irrelevant “ Exciting New Discoveries” out of a personal desire to stay alive.

By definition they are colluding with the enemy- guilty by default. The past-present-future governments and political powerhouses aim to keep this ignorance of ANY curtain whatsoever alive and well. For REVENUE. TO PROTECT revenue- which makes a complete mockery and a travesty  of all investments in Academic Principles- be they Science, Astronomy or Medicine.

There are many specialists in their chosen fields who have decided that collusion is not an option and have instead chosen to walk away from their academic pursuits. Many of them have dropped their listed credentials from their names ( Professor, Doctor etc) and have made a concerted effort/attempt to sink below the radar of scrutiny, giving up a lifetime of achievements to protect themselves, their families and their colleagues. There exists many Think Tank ventures who rely on these silent, credentialed professionals to lend credence to White papers that flow along many government corridors and yet the advices contained within are mostly, studiously ignored because they do not fit the accepted government paradigms.  

I have included a link for monitoring H.A.A.R.P in real time.  H.A.A.R.P. is far more than a weather tracking and energy field system coordinator and it behoves you to apply the above reasoning to discern, for yourselves, just WHAT it is that HAARP does, and is capable of doing.

We currently live in a world in which the FOOD has been weaponized with targeted mutations that systemically infiltrate animal and human DNA and alter DNA and RNA enscription coding, permanently.

We currently live in a world that has weaponized PATHOGENS, creating genetically modified disease against which the human body is defenseless.

We currently live in a world that has weaponized MEDICINE, firstly through the creation of synthetic compounds that the human body is ill equipped to tolerate and far outstrips the maxim of “ the dose makes the poison”, given that the extreme toxicity of most of the pharmaceuticals today have an LD 50 ( L ethal  D ose of 50 out of 100 recipients), not to mention virtually ZERO acknowledgement of the symbiotic toxicity of combing pharmaceuticals in even far smaller combination doses!  And secondly, we are treated to weaponized medicines through the aggressive campaigning of Vaccine makers AND government despite the fact that ONE, vaccine science is fatally flawed and TWO, that by all of the legal and binding points of International treatise vaccines fit all of the parameters and meet every one of the criteria characterizing a “ BIO WEAPON” and in fact this has had to be addressed in an addendum, excluding specifically agents of pharmaceutical companies and government agents. Add nano chip medications, nano delivery systems medications and the area of the vaccine adjuvants such as squalene, aluminum, thimerasol and formaldehyde ( recently classified as a carcinogen). While squalene is NOT even approved for use within the human body despite it’s inclusion in vaccines and tainted history as ingredient A in the Anthrax vaccine, forced on soldiers during the Gulf War and responsible for a vast contribution towards the cascade of health issues known collectively as Gulf War Syndrome.


We currently live in a world that has weaponized the environment through toxic, chemical pollution,  nuclear fallout,             ( rigorously denied by politicians however the facts speak clearly enough that their objections have become irrelevant to the data.) . Our air has been MADE violently MORE toxic by the deliberate spraying of chemicals such as barium salts and aluminum in an as yet UN ACKNOWLEDGED directive financed through official government channels without ANY public notification, debate or deliberation. The fact that these chemicals and nuclear particles are spread across not only the atmosphere but come to rest in soils where they cripple crops and acidify the soils as well as find their way into the public waterways and drinking systems of the global populations should be of the utmost and pressing concern and yet the global leaders are all silent.  As are the very agencies tasked with monitoring these forms of hazards and taking the ( supposed, hoped and wished for) aggressive action towards rectifying, ameliorating and indeed reversing this slow death by toxification of the planet and its fauna, flora and human inhabitants.


Were this indeed to happen, the chronic and escalating disease brought on by genomic disruption and reorganized genetic material counter intuitive to all evolutionary principles would cease.  Cancer, auto immune disease, diabetes, autism, premature aging and dementia, infertility and genetic deformities would decline rapidly and cease to be the dominant factors in all global economic debates. I dare say that society would reap enormous socioeconomic and emotional benefits were these “ chronic impactors” to be taken off the table.   


IMAGINE a world where there were NO nuclear Energy Reactors, none. Imagine a world where there was NO Coal Plants.

No Big Oil companies, No major pharmaceutical companies( subsidiaries of oil companies) and No Bio Tech Agriculture                 ( subsidiaries of pharmaceutical companies). Imagine a world where medicine was PRO active, with a focus on PREVENTION, and not RE ACTIVE, with a focus on sickness and disease management, at enormous cost to families and communities ( communities would benefit IF that earmarked money were used instead for a community enrichment ideal). 


*Self contained Micro Plasma reactors….a miniature power supply that would last for 5 years without refueling, and the operative word here is SMALL. A fixed or handheld micro-plasma-reactor can be built in, connected with and/or inserted into various electrical, electronic devises, eg  cell phones, computers. Various objects eg, lighting, cooking and all types of machines. Eg vacuum cleaners, pumps electric current operators in DC current and/ or AC current. Self sustaining plasmic process gives independence from any power grid, solar cells or the need to recharge.

European Patent Office ( Espacenet Patent search) Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: application number: EP20050447236 20051020  classification; INTERNATIONAL.

**Gravitational and Energy Patent Abstract: The new method is described to create- under centrifugal and vacuum conditions- in presence of ionization condition- a turbulance, rotation, compressive and heating of a gaseous matter is created in a reactor by at least one central rotative magnetic field with the purpose of creating  plasmatic conditions leadin to the creation of of various magnetic fields where at least the interaction of two magnetic would lead to the creation of at least one gravitational force phenomena. In a reactor embodiment a chain of energetic events is created via a rotative magnetic initiation of a basic ionization of a gas ( ie…hydrogen) which then triggers a controllable chain of energy transfers ( Scintillation) to the next following layer(s) of introduced gassses ( ie…He,Ne,Ar,Kr,Xe), of all other introduced elements of the periodic table ( ie…Li, Be, K,Ca,Ti…Pt etc) and / or their introduced molecule combinations ( ie…vapour) A central column has magnetic means to start the process. Various concepts, applications and products are disclosed, such as space travel and atomic welding.  

System: European Patent Office. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: application number: EP 20050447221 20051003  Classification: INTERNATIONAL.

***A Gravitational Wave generator: counter rotating magnetic fields generating gravity and anti gravity properties

A gravitational wave generation device comprising an ensemble of energizable elements involving magnetic, electrical and electromechanical functions that are under the control of a computer and attendant computer software system The magnetic and electrical force elements, when energized as directed by the computer, operate in a concert to produce rapid third-time-derivative motion of a mass. This action causes the generation of  high frequency gravitational waves that can be modulated and shaped in order to be utilized for communication, propulsion, and various physics experiments. The energizable elements can be very small coils or coil sets encased in a computer chip, current carrying conductors, or a small electromechanical devices. The mass acted upon by the coil elements can be a permanent magnet or magnets, or electromagnets. In the electromechanical element configuration the device can be used both for the generation of gravitational waves and their detection.

This is on file with the US Patent Office: Application # 09/616,683   File # 6417597  filed: July 14, 2000 

These are continuations of previous patent #. 09/443,527 filed on November 19, 1999, now Pat #6,160,336

Fourteen (14) individuals are listed on these US Patent documents.

International. CI………..G21H 3/00; G21H 1/00

Plasma treated Water: as a charged water, able to heal on a molecular level employing autonomous cell rejuvination (based in part on the concept of healing the telomere transcriptions for rejuvination)…… .and regeneration via charged plasma based on cell/ magnetic/ ph electromagnetic transcription.

*** This last may be searched by going to    and typing the numbers  6417597   into the search box.

Take a look at this paper:    the creation of liquid and solid CO2…at room temperature and atmospheric pressure

Video of above with added info…she-foundation     Ingestion of water and/ or inhalation of air treated with a plasma processor specifically adapted to the patients profile and pathology…pesncom-part-I  The still officially very much unexplained capture of the US Drone over Iranian airspace. The US stated that it fell out of the sky due to technical failures….but cannot explain why there is NO damage to the fuselage.  The TRUTH is that the drone was brought down using technology that the US desperately wants….to suppress.

And this,…=2615&start=10   a discussion with Mr. Keshe regarding the terrible potential of this technology and its enormous benefits.

The Keshe Foundation invited ALL of the global leaders to attend a discussion/ viewing and in response the president of the United States signed THREE Executive orders accusing Iran and Syria of cyber warfare ( the first was a response to the downed US drone) and all 3 EO’s STRONGLY PROHIBIT ANY AMERICAN, at home or abroad, from doing ANY type of business with Iran ( this is a front….replace “ Iran” with…Keshe Foundation)  including loaning money, transferring  personal funds or “ facilitating” business…..with the Keshe Foundation   aka IRAN.  Needless to say there was NO representative from the United States at the Keshe Foundation presentations….not ONE !

Here, read the President of the United States Executive Orders, accusing Syria and Iran, note the language:

For an interview and links.


The US and allies Israel and Great Britain, along with it‘s minor satellite allies ….the 147 et al are desperate to control this information and continue to dominate the globe with OIL, pharmaceuticals, Bio Crop Science and all of the associated business ventures including Healthcare for profit….shareholder stakes MUST be protected AT ALL COSTS!  

This technology is available to countries….all countries.  The wars since 9/11 have been a relentless pursuit towards total control of the American population by virtue of a “ War on Terror” to usher in draconian legislature to effectively gag an entire country and keep them hostage to an outdated, toxic model while wreaking revenge  on others AND creating a multi tiered, multi streaming source of revenue for the Capitalist War Machine: The Military Industrial Complex. 

While we understand that THIS was set in motion many many years ago, the cause of the sudden escalation on all fronts has been the rediscovery/repackaging of this ancient technology, married to Tesla’s work and brought out into the open. It threatens the ENTIRE, GLOBAL Capitalist Venture Market System.

It is NO coincidence that each war has seen the destruction of places of learning and worship and it is NO coincidence that the ONLY place left in the world that has documented proof of our past lies deep beneath the Vatican, removed from the eyes of everyone but a rare, pre selected handful, some of whom belong to the church and the others, academics who have sold their souls.


The “ God” particle: it has been incredibly offensive that the Higgs boson was deemed the “ god” particle for it bequeaths upon the cosmos something that resides within the heart of humanity and indeed within the heart of ALL living things.

IN each of us the ability to find compassion, empathy and spirituality resides and we are one with the cosmic forces, not a separate entity, WE are a part of the equation for the Theory of Everything (TOE) and yet we have allowed ourselves to be systematically stripped of that which makes us whole. We have abdicated our sovereign rights to self. We no longer have the right to eat what we choose,  live as we choose or say what we choose. We have allowed ourselves to be distracted by material things and we have permitted dishonorable people to make important decisions on our behalf. We have therefore become instrumental in our own demise.  

The drive to take Iran, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan hostage and divide up the spoils amongst the victors has been MANY years in the making and is the result of early findings of  “ proof” of ancient visitations, ancient technology and “ science for the having”, found during quiet archaeological investigations and happenstance findings. Begun by the Germans it has continued unabated and, earlier this year many world leaders and prominent politicians quietly cleared their calendars in order to slip into Afghanistan and view, for themselves the latest of such findings.   Satellites have been redirected to avoid documenting these unofficial visits and the silent scientific and antiquities scholars have watched, from a distance these quite remarkable events. For unlike previous attempts at covering up unexplainable events this current discovery has attracted such a large number of “ unofficial “ visits from extremely prominent public figures that it has been impossible to hide behind a chain link fence, for all that it is surrounded by the desert sands.   


I urge you to go back and see my related posts on the difference between Jews of Zion and Torah Jews, as well as the differences between Muslim Shia, Sufi and Sunni…of which the Wahhabi are a radical sect. I do NOT advocate for violence and nor do I condone it in any of its myriad forms. But it is important to understand things that have been manipulated in the mainstream media and stripped of all context. ALL religious denominations are guilty, in ways large and small against their fellow man.


In closing I ask that you carefully go through the links and think about the implications of each of these points.

Many have said that “ soldiers join armies to kill people” and while this may indeed be true for some, those numbers are very, very small. Many join the military out of a belief that there is a lack of other choices, based on their socio economic levels. Others join because they see it as a way out of an abusive home, others are “ forced” into the military by parents who believe that it will “ force the kid to grow up” and still others see it as a way to pay for an education while doing something useful…and there are others who join out of a deep and abiding love of country, young people who truly believe that THEY CAN make a difference !

Not many of you are perhaps aware of the predatory recruitment tactics employed by trained army recruiters on high school campuses around the country. This is legally allowed and students are targeted at 15 and 16 years old, coaxed with stories of “ sign up bonuses” and “ free college” and “ travel, training and free room and board”.  


These are just SOME of the many faces of the soldiers who are now faced with fighting a war that is not only a lie, but a strategic war for monopoly of global resources on a scale never before imagined. These young people signed up for an ideal, whether YOU believe in an ideal or not is YOUR prerogative….but regardless of YOUR position on this…..NO-ONE should be DYING for THIS subversive agenda.





Dinah Everett Snyder.